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Inadequate facilities at new Islamabad airport frustrate passengers

ISLAMABAD: Passengers arriving to and from the New Islamabad International Airport were welcomed with a set of difficulties at the new facility.

A dysfunctional conveyor belt, no Civil Aviation Authority help desk, nonavailability of internet and an absence of porters were some of the issues passengers complained about. Some passengers were also reportedly told to sit on floor at the international lounges.

British Member of Parliament Naz Shah took to twitter to express her dissatisfaction with the services.

The airport is also situated at a considerable distance from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Lack of transport services for the public is one of the most major issues as an extension of Islamabad-Rawalpindi metro bus service has not yet been completed.

In addition, on-board food has to be brought in from the old airport as the new one does not have a flight -kitchen.

The New Islamabad International Airport was developed at a cost of Rs100 billion and was beset by a number of delays including the most recent one a couple of weeks ago.

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