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White Lies

Forget election policy and post-electoral analysis, the PTI has revealed what is closest to its heart: a new anthem.

That’s right. It’s always about the music with the party.

The Kaptaan wanted to recreate the famous rally in Lahore of what seems to be a lifetime ago.

Speaking of recreating magic, there has been much talk of his third marriage also going south. One could say that these were rumours, given how they were officially denied – and they probably are just rumours. But in this department, we know from experience that denials from Khan and his party apparatus don’t mean much.

Dr Miftah “Candyland” Ismail was hastily appointed as the federal finance minister just in time to get to present the budget.

Earlier, the League’s Rana Afzal was supposed to do the job, but was edged out at the last moment.

The economics team doesn’t get along, it is heard. In fact, reportedly, Miftah and Afzal almost came to blows over a disagreement.