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Pakistan, India need to resolve key issues before we can move forward: Mehwish Hayat

LAHORE: Mehwish Hayat is not one to shy away from sharing her views. She is one of the most vocal artists the Pakistan film industry has to offer.

Recently, a leading fashion publication in Pakistan shared a screenshot on Instagram of singer Farhan Saeed’s tweet which read, “Pakistan and India should take a cue from Korea, let’s finish it already and move forward like never before.”

The tweet referred to the latest developments between North Korea and South Korea in which the leaders of the two countries, Kim Jong-Un and Moon Jae-in met and discussed the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula and pledged to sign a formal peace treaty this year.

In response to Saeed’s remark, Mehwish posted a detailed comment underneath the picture in which she shared her two cents on Pakistan-India friendship.

“We all wish it was so easy. Trust me, North and South Korea have a long way to go yet. These sort of talks have happened before and amounted to nothing…”

“In our case, how can we just forget 70 years of history and mutual distrust so easily. Are you suggesting that we should just forget Kashmir and what is happening there? I am sure that the Kashmiris who are being subjected to atrocities would be so grateful that we Pakistanis also desert them. Friendship and peace need to be mutual and a two-way street.”

“This is not about what the people may or may not want, there are key fundamental issues that need to be resolved before we can move forward,” she added.

Mehwish also expressed what she felt was her role as an artist for a positive change and step towards peace and friendship.

“I agree that we as artists have a role to play in building bridges, but has to be more than us appearing in their films and singing songs with them. Let them start by showing our films and dramas like we show theirs over here and then we can talk about more collaboration.”

Farhan has yet not replied to Mehwish’s comment. However, the comment has sparked a controversy on the post with people from both sides of the border stepping forward to express their views.

Mehwish is one of Pakistan’s most successful actors have appeared in several superhit films including Jawani Phir Nai Ani, Actor In Law and Punjab Nai Jaungi. However, she has not yet appeared in any Bollywood movie.

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