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Alleged record tampering robs deserving student of KEMU seat

An alleged incident of illegal tampering of records by University of Health Science (UHS) and Multan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) came to the front on Saturday, which allegedly robbed a female student of her chance to enrol at King Edward Medical University (KEMU).

A Twitter user, going by the handle @NotAnosss, put forward a thread of tweets, requesting the Punjab government to take action against the alleged illegal record tampering of one Amna Azra who despite being a brilliant student could not enrol at KEMU due to alleged record tampering by UHS and Multan BISE.

Tagging Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the user wrote,” I need to bring something to your attention. There is a student with the name ‘Amna Azra.’ Father’s name is ‘Khalid Hussain.’ She achieved 966/1050 in Matric. After that she got 1046/1100 in Fsc Pre-medical. She appeared in MCAT and achieved 1040/1100″.

The thread continued on and putting up photographs which prove the tampering of evidence in the official records states “She was sure of getting admission in King Edward Medical College. She checked the result in UHS [University of Health Science] where her name was clearly written but after a week the name on her roll number changed to Hammad. Everything else remained same. First is hers, second is after”.

“After this, her Matric and Fsc results were also changed on Multan Board’s website. She asked for investigation but authorities have got hold of her original documents and threatening her instead. They gave 637 marks in Matric and failed her in Fsc. Below are original and changed results,” the thread continued with photographic evidence depicting the changes made to the student’s academic transcripts.

The Twitter user then alleged that both Multan Board and UHS were involved in the attempt to intimidate Amna Azra. “The UHS has changed the name of the candidate and replaced the key of Amna Azra with another bogus answer key. Multan board have confiscated the original documents and they are threatening her to withdraw the case else she would be arrested when she did nothing wrong,” the tweet reads.

The Twitter thread further stated that the student could not file a case due to financial constraints and added,”She has all the roll number slips, photocopies of her results but she can’t file a case as she is poor. The board and UHS are taking advantage of this situation and allocating the seat unfairly to a candidate who doesn’t deserve it and is thriving on insurmountable corruption”.

In response to the thread of tweets, Punjab government’s official Twitter account replied to one of the messages with an assurance of a transparent investigation and tweeted,” Thank you for highlighting it. Can you please DM [Directly Message] the contact details of this student so that the matter can be investigated, please. It will be thoroughly and transparently checked. Anyone found guilty will be held to account”.

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