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Marriyum thinks it imperative to connect children with roots

  • State minister asks schools to regularly organise curricular, extra-curricular activities

ISLAMABAD: State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that it was imperative to connect children with their roots, culture, language and heritage with a view to develop their personality and mindset.

Speaking as a chief guest at the 30th anniversary celebrations of a private school system here, she said that the schools should regularly organise curricular and extra-curricular activities aimed at promoting indigenous culture, heritage and national language.

Marriyum said that Urdu was not only the Lingua Franca of Pakistan but also had a very strong bond with the culture of the country and as such needed to be promoted. “I have been saying, as is happening all around the world, schools should give their students short film and documentary projects so their linkage with their language and culture is restored and they become more aware of the landmarks of their country.”

During the last 30-35 years due to terrorism, children of Pakistan were deprived of screen tourism, and they were watching a lot of foreign content on television, she said. with a view to strengthen the bonds of the new generation with their culture, cultural heritage and national language, the Ministry of Information was going to introduce ‘Summer Internship Project” on radio and TV under which the students would be able to participate in the competition for making short documentary films and photo projects on those subjects.

She invited the schools to participate in the project. The state minister while stressing the importance of English language in the global competitive era, advised the parents to keep their kids rooted in the native culture and values as that was the only way to bridge the missing link.

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