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New patriotic telecom company can detect anti-national signals

ISLAMABAD – A new patriotic telecom company, which has the ability to detect anti-national signals, is going to offer 5G mobile services on a trial basis over the next couple of months, The Dependent has reliably learnt.

While the company would initially work in the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA), it would gradually grow into the rest of the country, with services on offer that haven’t been seen before – or maybe they have been.

“Not only can we detect anti-national signals, we can eliminate them as well,” a senior official of the company said while talking to The Dependent. “Also, we can also detect dishonesty and falsehood. So that makes us both 5G and 1G, catering to all generations of this country.”

The CEO revealed that the licence has been issued to the company for launching the 1G and 5G service.

“We’ve written it down, and will get whatever signatures are needed on it,” they revealed.

Tech experts have revealed that this particular telecom company is not just ‘more invisible than others’ the strength of the signals is also ‘unmatched’.

“It’s the first and only telecom entity that will be giving signals as well,” said a leading tech analyst wishing anonymity. “And those that can’t or won’t detect them, will be disqualified.”