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People react to Jeremy McLellan’s post on ‘huge decrease in terrorism in Pakistan’

LAHORE: Already famous in Pakistan, comedian and “official US Ambassador of Pindi boys”, Jeremy McLellan took to Twitter, mentioning the improved security situation in Pakistan and people are loving it.

On his Facebook page, MacLellan shared the statistics regarding militant attacks and loss of lives in Pakistan since 2000. “Huge decrease in terrorism in Pakistan over the past year. Pretty amazing when you consider 2009-2014,” the comedian wrote.

He, however, mentioned: ” I’m not educated enough to know why this is, but the numbers are from SATP, which keeps a running tally of terrorism in South Asia.” 

The Pakistanis could not stop thanking him for mentioning the sufferings of Pakistan and achievements it is gaining in the fight against terrorism.

One user wrote: “How many people we have lost to terrorism. And then the world says we are a terrorist nation.” One of the users thanked security forces, including the army and police, along with citizens for fighting this menace all alone “where superpowers failed”.

Another user asked the comedian, “Hey Jeremy, how do you see what west fails to see?”

“Thanks, dude you are helping us to show the world, we are recovering, we are being strengthened.” one user said.

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