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Customs officials involved in the smuggling of NCP vehicles

ISLAMABAD: The top officials of Pakistan Customs are allegedly involved in the crime of smuggling of non-custom-paid (NCP) vehicles of foreign origin.

Sources said that Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation Quetta, upon being informed by the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation FBR Islamabad DG, has recovered more than five dozen trucks without body and with incomplete parts in the warehouse of NCP vehicles at Khuchlak City, Quetta.

A number of men, including Ajmad Khan, Muhammad Tahir, Muhammad Asif, Dilawar Ahmed Khan Quetta claimed the ownership of the seized Hino trucks/frames but they failed to produce documents for showing the legal import or lawful possession of the seized vehicles, therefore, the staff of Directorate I&I FBR Quetta took possession of the said smuggled vehicles and brought them to the office for further investigation.

Sources also said that Customs Intelligence officials showed only 39 vehicles in their record. The department, after verification, confiscated around 20 Hino trucks (without body and with incomplete parts).

The department has also conducted a chemical examination of the chassis site of the seized vehicles in order to ascertain any manipulation alteration and forgery exercised on the chassis number.

Meanwhile, an unknown person informed the NAB Quetta DG about the matter and subsequently, NAB raided the said place. Sources said that when NAB officials were verifying the facts, it was disclosed that some 26 more trucks (without body and with incomplete parts) were standing there. When the official sought the information, nobody claimed the ownership of the seized Hino trucks, sources added.

Sources said that the aforementioned men imported the vehicles/frames with the connivance of Customs officials. They were instructed to keep the frames in that private warehouse.

The Customs officials had also auctioned the aforementioned frames, however, sources said that under Rule 2(a) of General Rules for interpretation of Tariff, these frames cannot be termed trucks as only frames or few parts as in this case does not constitute the essential character of a truck.

On the other hand, Five-year-old trucks cannot be imported under the import policy. Furthermore, the department has not approached the police for lodging of a First Information Report (FIR).

Officers said that Customs officials’ wanted to dispose-off these trucks if the matter was not pointed out by NAB because they were partners in the concealing of these trucks.

NAB Quetta is also investigating the matter and sources said that the officials of Customs have recorded the statement of all the officials of Customs Intelligence.

Sources said that the Customs officers of Multan had auctioned the same frames some months ago and when Director Dr Adnan was directed to give the record of that auctioning, he was transferred to Lahore.

It is pertinent to mention here that the high officials of Customs Intelligence are harassing the official who had registered a complaint against the Customs Intelligence DG in NAB.

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