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Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games come to end

QUEENSLAND: The colorful closing ceremony of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games was held on Sunday with the host country, Australia, being on the top of the table with 198 medals including 80 gold medals, 59 silver and as many bronze medals while Pakistan finished at 24th with one gold and four bronze medals.

England got the second position with 45 gold medal, 45 silver medals and 46 bronze medals with an aggregated total of 136 medals, followed India with 66 medals including 26 gold, 20 silver and as many bronze medals while Canada got fourth position with 82 medals including 15 gold, 40 silver and 27 bronze medals.

The Games provided sensational competitions that reflect the true spirit of the 6,600 athletes from 71 countries and territories of the world in 18 different disciplines. The people around the world just witnessed fabulous competitions and spectacular achievements across eighteen different sports.

They have seen athletes strive to exceed expectations and, in giving their best performances, they have made their home countries proud. The XXI Commonwealth Games has, once again, been a great celebration of the Commonwealth touching 1.5 billion populations. It has not only been a festival of sport but also shared cultures and arts of the participating athletes from 71 different countries and territories. In both, the Gold Coast and the people of Australia have been wonderful hosts and have generated a fantastic atmosphere from the start of the Queen’s Baton Relay to this, the closing c ceremony.

Then England will host the XXII Commonwealth Games in 2022 and the flag of the Commonwealth Games was also handed over to them during this stunning extravaganza with millions of people enjoyed the enthusiasms showed by the athletes from around the world including Pakistan. The Gold Coast provided opportunities to the athletes, officials, volunteers, spectators and the media have shared in the triumphs and challenges alongside the athletes across 275 events.

The Gold Coast also has broken new ground with Women’s Rugby Sevens, Beach Volleyball and Para Triathlon medals awarded for the first time, as part of the largest integrated sports program in Commonwealth Games history. The calibre of athletes has been unparalleled, showcasing world record holders, sporting greats, and breakthrough performances from young athletes. While the Games is coming to a close, the future of the sport in the Commonwealth is very bright indeed. In fact, in 2018, the Commonwealth and Commonwealth Sport are more relevant than ever before. The success of Games relies heavily on its 15000 volunteers.

The action, drama, sportsmanship, and excitement that has defined the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games continued right up until the last second. The final day of GC2018 started with the

Marathon, ended with the Rugby Sevens and included gold medal moments in Netball, Basketball, Squash, Table Tennis and Badminton.

The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) was the largest sporting event Australia saw this decade and the biggest sporting spectacular the Gold Coast has ever seen. As the first regional Australian city to ever host a Commonwealth Games, the Gold Coast celebrated a great Games in a great city leaving great memories and great benefits for all. The city have shine on the world sporting stage and the promotional exposure forthe business, trade, investment, tourism, and events have herald a new era in the region’s growth and maturity. The GC2018 brand embraces the three pillars of – The Place, The Event and The Sport.

Over 6,600 athletes and team officials from 71 nations and territories converged on the Gold Coast for an 11 day sporting and cultural event. The event is unprecedented in the city’s history, and was destined to define the future. With the proud support of close to 15,000 passionate and friendly volunteers, a spectacle of 18 sports and 7 para-sports contested and broadcast to a cumulative global audience of 1.5 billion.

GC2018 was an extraordinary event, hosted in a truly spectacular location. Those watching at home have also enjoyed a glimpse of the magic. Those that choose to attend have enjoyed an electrifying experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. Long after history is written, they will forever know that they were there to Share the Dream on the Gold Coast.