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White Lies

The tables have turned. The despondency that had beset the PTI in the aftermath of the Lodhran defeat has now shifted to the League.

Even though the disqualification for life was somewhat expected, it seems to have affected the former prime minister a lot. The party inner circles have also been down of late in the aftermath of the decision.

Though the younger Sharif is going to be the party’s man for the top slot, it is now certain the Nawaz is going to pass on the mantle to daughter Maryam in the longer run.

Meanwhile, disqualification is staring other party bigwigs in the face as well. Though as opposed to Nawaz, not all of them have a son or daughter who could take to politics naturally.

The IPL has started. As befitting the largest sporting event of the second largest sport on the face of the planet, the public response is huge. Gigantic audience both in the stadiums and the airwaves.

Even though our own, burgeoning cricket league was impressive, it can’t obviously compare to the other event. Unless foreign players can come to the country, that is never going to happen.

But the situation could at least be mitigated. For instance, the large number of empty stadium seats in the Dubai matches looked really bad. Perhaps, some better ticket management (read cheaper tickets) could have resulted in a large, pulsating crowd. Who cares about the money if the optics are good?