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Kuwait City bans drying of clothes on balconies

KUWAIT CITY: Capital of Kuwait has imposed a law banning drying clothes by hanging them on the balconies, in a bid to maintain the city’s beauty.

An emergency team from the Capital Governorate of Kuwait has launched an inspection campaign and warned some tenants of the apartments overlooking the ban.

Zeid Al-Enezi, head of the emergency team, said that the team has put stickers on the doors of the apartments that have violated the law, warning that violators will be imposed with fines from 100 Kuwaiti dinars to 300 Kuwaiti dinars. So far, 12 apartments have been warned that they would have to pay fines, Al-Enezi said.

Al-Enezi said the team will carry out future campaigns in cooperation with the Environment Public Authority of Kuwait, which is in charge of dealing with “visual pollution.”