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Double standards in justice unacceptable: Hussain Nawaz

LONDON: Hussain Nawaz, son of the disqualified prime minister Nawaz Sharif, said on Wednesday that they would not accept the double standards in justice.

Talking to Geo News in London, Hussain Nawaz said, “Dual standards of justice are not acceptable.”

“On one side Nawaz Sharif and Maryam were stopped from visiting my mother [Kulsoom Nawaz], while on the other side Imran Khan is being given special concessions,” he added.

Hussain criticised the PTI chief and lamented that comments are made on Imran’s treatment despite his involvement in an attack on the state’s writ and jurisdiction.

“He [Imran] beat up a state functionary; he planned and executed attacks on the parliament and law enforcement agencies so comments, of course, will be made.”

Hussain also mentioned that his mother was aware of all developments in Pakistan, adding that she had recently undergone a throat surgery.

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  1. Alam said:

    Culprits, looters will keep on weakening our country as long as they keep on getting coverage by media.
    This Proclaimed offender, to avoid trial in Pakistani courts, declared himself a foreighner then how come he has the right to criticise Pakistani judicial system.

    • JD said:

      Let the sharifs say whatever they want, it’s their turn in the barrel

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