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PM Abbasi undergoes strict security check at US airport

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister (PM) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi apparently had to go through a security check at the United States (US) airport during a recent visit to the country, an act regarded as ‘insulting’ to top office holders.

A viral video circulating on social media shows the PM undergoing security in his red polo shirt after which he is seen leaving with his coat and a hand carry.

Abbasi was reportedly on a private visit to the US for the purpose of meeting his ailing sister, as well as, Vice President Mike Pence.

The media was told that the PM was travelling on his personal passport by official sources, adding that the PM is a simple man and doesn’t mind undergoing security checks as an ordinary Pakistani citizen. However, they also mentioned that the said video is under scrutiny and its authenticity can’t be confirmed.

“He was on a private trip so he went through the security check like all passengers. In the US this involves taking off any clothing with metal, your jacket and your shoes when passing through the scanner. He was not strip searched, that’s complete nonsense,” a family member of the premier told a local newspaper on Wednesday, refuting reports by Indian media outlets.

“He was on a commercial flight, so he was travelling as a normal passenger and went through normal security procedures. When he went in September to the UN, it was an official trip and he was received by US security officials and escorted as per VIP protocol directly from the plane,” the family member added.

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  2. bandaypanday said:

    there’s no “embarrassment” or humiliation to being treated like any other citizen. PM Abbassi didn’t complain. Indians who are gloating should rather say that while their own PM wants to be treated like a king, PM Abbassi went like a normal citizen.

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