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Amitabh Bachchan helps homeless, differently-abled boy

MUMBAI: Amitabh Bachchan met a young boy with speech and mobility disability outside his home and decided to help him. In a blogpost, posted late Sunday night, Bachchan detailed on how he was touched by this visit and how he is absolutely stunned everytime he witnesses masses outside his house just to catch a glimpse of the star.

“I asked him to be brought in, he was without speech and mobility but a determined poise of one that had refused to give up. It was a joy to witness the joy on his face. I asked him what he needed, he tugged at his shirt… clothes. I gave him a bundle of my own,” Bachchan wrote.

“He extended his delicate hand, rough and strong, because that is what he uses to move about, and I arranged for him to be dropped home. My people did so and reported he was homeless and lived on the pavement outside a high-rise in the suburbs,” said the actor.

He further wrote, that no matter how much others celebrate his contribution to Indian cinema, it will remain a “closed chapter” for him.

Filled with gratitude after meeting fans who stand outside his home in Mumbai every Sunday, Bachchan wrote, “What brings them here each Sunday is a mystery and a cause for mistaken identity. Surely they must mistake for another. But no they come… standing and waiting for hours before, just so they can wave at me and hope for a reciprocal gesture… That is all,” he wrote.

“Tearing oneself away from the formalities of celebrity is a task. I do not believe in it and never shall… others may wish to contribute and celebrate the tenure and so-called ‘contribution’ to cinema from me. But that shall never happen. It shall remain a closed chapter, not to be opened ever,” Bachchan added.

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