Punjab govt teaching children about dos and dont’s to stop child abuse: Rana Sikandar | Pakistan Today

Punjab govt teaching children about dos and dont’s to stop child abuse: Rana Sikandar

  • All Institutions are at fault somewhere, the institutions should teach us how to develop the country

  • Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) will secure more than 75% mandate from Kasur

LAHORE: Discussing the current friction between senior leadership of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and state institutions, District Council Chairman Kasur Rana Sikandar Hayat said all institutions are equally culpable in this situation, whatever is happing should not happen like this, institutions should teach us the patterns how to do good for Pakistan, all institutions are at fault and needs to overcome their shortcomings.

Country’s one of the youngest district council chairman from Kasur claimed that in coming elections PML-N will secure more than 75% mandate from the city, adding from last 10 years PML-N has developed infrastructural developments along with missing facilities in almost every field.

Responding to the question on the image of the police system of Kasur and several cases of child abuse appeared in the district from last year, Rana said that police is not political in Kasur. He said: “In my tenure, I never saw any political induction in the hiring process of police as they hired on merit.”

Elaborating further on the issue of child abuse, he said:  “The government has started quick primitive measures by giving children education about dos and don’ts through the curriculum, we are educating them, we have made Kasur safer now by initiatives like Kasur safe city projects, though efforts should not only come across from individuals but from the national government at a larger level.”

Showing dissatisfaction about the infrastructural progress in educational sector Sikandar said that even though the provincial government has done tons of work in last four years as Kasur had eleven colleges which are raised to 20 now.  “We, in the last tenure of Punjab, added 36 high schools with up gradations, over 350 schools have got boundary walls,  additional classrooms and we are doing our best to cope up with the situation where students are studying without school rooms.  there is a lot more which need to be upgraded and we are up to that by involving local resources and with the help of friends of Kasur.”

Discussing his preparations for the coming general elections, Rana said PML-N will secure minimum 75% of seats in Kasur in 2018. While discussing on election strategy he said the party is using IT tools and mobilizing youth along with women’s wings, which are uncommon in politics of Kasur. “We are confident and satisfied because we had done a lot at the grassroots level.”
Doing the comparison between PTI and PPP Dist. Chairman, Rana said it should be admitted that PTI is a political force but youngsters are not ready to accept those old politicians, so’ PTI loses its ideology by adding same faces in their Party.

Speaking exclusively to Pakistan Today on improvement in tourism within Kasur, Sikandar expressed government had done planting in Kasur, but Kasur needs private-public partnership which may improve the Kasur’s tourism. “We need to revamp Changa Manga and Head Balloki.

Denying the perception that it is unsafe to stay at Changa Manga, Sikandar said lately there is no such incident in the area and it is totally safe not to just to visit but also to stay at night with families in government facilitated hotels in the forest.

The PML-N leader further said: “Our main agenda for next year is to create more cultural activities in Kasur and Bullay Shah Festival is also in the pipeline.”

He said Kasur is lacking a university and his aim is to build one along with sports grounds in every union council. Moreover, he expressed the provincial government is aiming to build three big international stadiums in Kasur.

On PML-N’s development work at the grassroots level, he said that government has successfully started ‘Saaf Dyhat’ program in Kasur, hired 750 workers, 6 municipal workers in every UC appointed for this program.

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