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Chinese diplomacy to be based on Xi Jinping’s thoughts

BEIJING: Chinese diplomacy would focus on the implementation of President’s Xi Jinping’s thoughts of promoting the concept of shared destiny and win-win situation in the international affairs, said Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hua Chunying on Monday.

Replying to a question about the appointment of Foreign Minister Wang Yi as the state councilor, she said that as far as the diplomatic field was concerned, since the party’s 18th National Congress, the party’s central committee with Xi Jinping as the core member had taken over the overall situation, forged ahead, pioneered and innovated, and led China’s diplomatic work to keep breaking new ground.

The spokesperson further said that China’s diplomacy would always implement Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in a new era. It would uphold the power of diplomacy in the central government, continue to strengthen the party’s centralised and unified leadership over foreign affairs and coordinate in all aspects, and ensure that the party’s central government’s foreign policy and strategy were effectively implemented, she added.

She said that the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) elected a new leader of the state agencies, fully reflecting the common aspirations of the whole party and people of all ethnic groups in the country.

Replying to another question, she said that the special representative meeting on the Sino-Indian boundary issue was a high-level channel for bilateral border negotiations and an important platform for strategic communication between the two sides.

“We are willing to continue to make full use of this important mechanism and maintain close strategic communication with India to continuously enhance mutual trust in strategic issues and safeguard the healthy and stable development of China-India relations,” she said.

Replying to a question about China’s relations with Russia, the spokesperson said that they were good neighbors and comprehensive strategic partners.

“In recent years, thanks to the strategic leadership of the two heads of state, the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation has maintained a high level of development,” she said, “It is currently at the best level in history. Both countries’ strategic mutual trust is continuously enhanced and cooperation in various fields has achieved fruitful results.”

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