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KU students protest against professor accused of harassing students

KARACHI: A protest by University of Karachi (KU) students began on Friday after a female scholar accused a KU professor of harassing her.

A female student on Wednesday alleged that a professor offered to pass her with flying colours if she agreed to marry him. Her friend corroborated the accusation and stated that the professor had failed him and three others for being friends with the student he was interested in. “He failed us because he didn’t want us to be friends with her,” he alleged.

On Thursday, another female student stated that the same professor demanded that she meet him alone.

Many other students have also spoken out about being threatened by the professor if they refused to do his personal chores.

“He asked me to get his printer fixed,” said a student. “I got it checked at all the shops in the university but to no avail. The professor then told him that his two-year degree would be prolonged for four years if he doesn’t do as told.

The professor was served notices by the administration and sexual harassment committee after the accusations surfaced. He has also denied all the allegations, saying that they were made out of vengeance as he had not passed students in the exams.

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