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White Lies

Pakistan’s tallest building was criticised by many for allegedly spoiling the visual beauty and the environment around the shrine of Karachi’s patron saint, Abdullah Shah Ghazi.

Well, though the conservationists might well be correct, the building group has offered much by way of penance. They not only renovated bits of the shrine and gave some of it a makeover, but also developed a public park right behind it. Which is more than the business community’s usual contribution in such matters: nothing.

A no-nonsense journalist took on a no-nonsense public official and politician. The former styles himself on the hard nosed interviewers of the west and usually gets away with it but this time he seems to have bit off more than he could chew. Because Kashmala Tariq, the Ombudsperson for women’s harassment, did not take too kindly to his questions about her political affiliations rather than women’s rights.

It was quite a scuffle between her staff and him.