Activists say court ruling of declaring religion threatens minorities | Pakistan Today

Activists say court ruling of declaring religion threatens minorities

ISLAMABAD: Rights activists in Pakistan expressed concern Sunday over a court ruling that would require people to declare their religion on all official documents, saying it could lead to the persecution of minorities, particularly adherents of the Ahmedi faith.

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) ruling on Friday also requires that citizens take a religious oath upon joining the civil service, armed forces or judiciary.

Zohra Yusuf, a board member at the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, called the ruling “very dangerous”. She said her group would issue a statement in the coming days.

“Religion is someone’s personal affair, not a matter of public display,” she said. “The oath thing is nothing but discrimination, and would show the government has no belief that minorities too are patriotic.”

The ruling appeared to be aimed at Ahmedis, who revere the 19th century founder of their faith as a prophet. Pakistan declared Ahmedis non-Muslims in 1974. They already face widespread discrimination and are often targeted by extremists.

The oath would require people to testify that the Prophet Muhammad was the last messenger sent by God, the repudiation of a core Ahmedi belief.

“The court should have given us a chance to present our point of view before the verdict, which has increased our vulnerability as a community,” said Saleem Uddin, a spokesman for Pakistan’s Ahmedi community.

He noted that several Ahmedis have been killed by religious extremists in recent years, and that their property and places of worship have been attacked. He said the community is consulting legal experts and may challenge the ruling.

Zia Awan, another rights activist, said the court ruling would encourage extremists.

“I am afraid this will further endanger minorities and increase discrimination,” he said.

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