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Aliens in America

  • It’s not fiction!

Why has the concept of aliens psyched Americans? What is this obsession and where has this fear originated from? Of all the people, it’s Europeans who understand what an alien race is capable of doing and how it may behave with other life forms. It were the Europeans who were the aliens in America. It’s the systematic genocide perpetrated by these aliens that wiped out most of the native population of America. The Europeans settling in America know all too well what aliens stand for. If a Hollywood movie showcases alien as power and resource hungry beings, it’s because the Hollywood was born out of the murderous hunger of aliens from Europe making their way to California.

The guilt of abduction of people, cultures and resources has morphed into a belief in an alien population that might deal with the European settlers in a similar yet deserving manner. It is all but natural for the oppressive alien settlers to believe that another being may also possess the same ability and may also be driven by equal desires.

While some European aliens were working on human extermination in the Americas, some others among them invaded African lands which were rich with innocent, helpless and yet plentiful human resource whom the aliens could harness to develop their enterprise in America. That reminds us of another similar Hollywood theme: use of human population as a source ofenergy by an alien race.

But why didn’t the aliens use the local American population to the same effect? As we all know that while the aliens lack ethical discipline towards other life forms, they possess great intelligence which they use to plan everything in advance. The alien invaders of South America did not want to risk a native population to survive as a culture or people and then to come to such strength anytime in future which may allow them to claim a right to the captured lands. The aliens could not risk the presence of a rebellion amongst the abductees. The danger of the disease of freedom from spreading was too great. Even the aliens could themselves get infected by the idea of rights of a native people over a land. The invading race had to be protected from such future pretense. Hence, as a precaution, the disease carrying specie was either wiped of or left incapable of carrying the germs of freedom.

Religion is a threat to the alien population. Religion brings a sense of unity to the host specie and may make it act under a code of conduct not written by the alien race

The Africans did fit nicely in the equation as the most suitable form of “human colony of energy cells”. An abductee from far off lands offers a great package of services without ever being able to claim the right to live as an equal to its superior abductor as it has no claim of ownership but rather an outstanding debt of gratitude for being abducted and therefore allowed to live among the master race of aliens. A people without a land, without names and without any culture suited the best. Therefore the abductees were made to wear, talk and think like an alien. This gave an extra advantage in making the abductee a “faceless” and “rootless” entity with no separate sense of identity to understand its suffering as being a product of an abduction of its forefathers.

An alien may also duplicate itself in essence. That explains the cosmopolitan cities of the alien race with a super culture eating away other lifestyles. Hence, the alien race could live in the host specie’s body installing its software in the abductee and to make it propel the invader’s mission. The alien can thus deploy the same abductee on “peace keeping campaigns” helped by the instability created by secret alien missions in more foreign lands. Hence the duplicate aliens would be transformed in a force against their own kind and shall work for the alien masters for economic rewards attached to the “peace” missions. The alien gets its resources using programmed race of the invaded lands; no doubt aliens display superior intelligence.

Religion is a threat to the alien population. Religion brings a sense of unity to the host specie and may make it act under a code of conduct not written by the alien race. But an alien must be very careful in being offensive in this domain as humans show great sensitivity here and may turn against any idea undermining religion. All the host populations the aliens have yet encountered on earth have been endowed with some capacity to know their creator and display a will to follow a divine-being. Here, the alien has been challenged by a spiritual domain it knows nothing of. The alien must put a doubt as an antidote for belief since religion acted like a virus to the new alien-software inside the invaded brains. Aliens had to attack all faiths. It therefore resorts to brainwash the abductee into thinking that it was not created and was a mere “chance” originating from the combination of elements and forces. The alien is secular from the inside. From outside it may adopt a religion so as to attack the religious ideology from inside. It cannot eradicate the common understandable knowledge of the existence of God by merely promoting secularism. It must go one step better by infecting the religion itself by secular change. It attacks the spiritual domain by developing a scientific method that believes only in what is perceived through senses and promotes a world free of a code of conduct designed for a second life in hereafter that cannot be experienced through sense perception. The alien race wants to abduct the human thought, behaviour and attitudes and wants to make it averse to the rules of a God that is beyond the scope of scientific method. It therefore programmes the invaded races to adopt a lifestyle that detests all human religions and allows and promotes, for example, a man to marry a man. It rewards those who promote the behaviour that is anti-religion and oppresses those who want to revert to a humanity with religion: While the original human software may be corrupted to have no knowledge of pre alien invasion life, the domain of knowledge must also not receive anything from beyond the world of sense-perception through an attack on religious way of life.

Humanity which believes in existence of God would want to drive its rules not from an alien’s textbook. It may look elsewhere. The alien race is most threatened by free thought from its harvest of energy cells. It propagates the idea that religion is mind-control and advances its own anti-religion mind-control.

The alien puts to sleep the abductee race by lulling it into a world of fancy and fright. The fancy of gadgets along with the hope of an eternal life through advance in medicine, and the fright of the necessity to cling on to the alien’s world order powered by the idea that all other models of life are either obsolete or dangerous and can cause havoc on earth.

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