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Teachers to play pro-active role in combating societal intolerance: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD: Information, Broadcasting, National  History and Literary Heritage State Minister, Marriyum Aurangzeb while speaking as the chief guest at an inaugural ceremony of the Early Childhood Education Training Course for teachers at Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development on Monday, urged the teachers to play a proactive role in combating the tendency of intolerance in society.

She said that only those nations progress which hold their teachers in high esteem as educators and had a critical role in the character building of students after the parents.

The minister said that Punjab Chief Minister (CM), Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif had introduced revolutionary reforms in the education sector during the past few years.

She said that the Punjab CM had taken practical measures such as quality training programmes for teachers, improved infrastructure of schools and colleges, digitalization of the curriculum up to matriculation, establishment of Punjab Information Technology (IT) Board GIS system to monitor attendance of students and get updates on their performance through an SMS service.

Marriyum said that Punjab had taken the lead in educational and other public sectors including health and the time has come that other provinces emulate what had been accomplished by Punjab.

Under the vision of the former premier, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, an educational reforms programme was commenced for the up-gradation and infrastructure development of schools in the federal capital.

She informed that in the first phase 200 out of 422 schools had been renovated and upgraded, whereas computer labs had been provided to 170 schools.

It was after 40 to 45 years that any attention was paid to the improvement of school infrastructures in Islamabad.

She said that it should be the people’s right to elect the representatives of their choice on the basis of performance. She reiterated that masses would reject those who had been creating chaos, anarchy and intolerance in the country round the clock.

The minister also called for steps to promote national Urdu language as it was sine quo non to promote core values and the cultural heritage of Pakistan. She applauded the level of participation by women teachers and hoped that women would continue to play their role for the societies betterment.

She concluded by saying that different political parties were ruling in their respective provinces and they must take concrete measures to meet the expectations of the masses.

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