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New Saudi legislation allows women to start meal without presence of male guardian

RIYADH: In yet another momentous leap in their recent liberalisation agenda, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced that women will now be allowed to start meals without the presence of a male guardian.

The decision, which is being hailed across the globe as a victory for progress, comes quick on the heels or a similar announcement which had said women can now also start their own businesses without the presence of a male guardian.

Before that, another royal decree had finally given women in the country the right to drive.

“Let me tell you that this is huge. This time when Abdallah al Mouallimi announced the decision to the UN, the crowds clapped themselves and did not have to be asked to applaud” and excited government official told The Dependent’s Saudi Arabia correspondent.

Meanwhile, the country’s highly influential clergy have all unanimously agreed that the earlier ban on the practice they had placed being lifted was within the limits of the law.

“Basically, we are allowing women to begin meals without male guardians. However at the same time, we are also saying that what we were following before this was also right.”

“It doesn’t make any sense only if you think about it” The Dependent was told in response to this reporter’s confusion.

On the other hand, the move is also facing certain backlash from some quarters and may adversely affect relations between the US and the KSA after Vice President Mike Pence vocalised his opposition to the move.

“Well men should definitely not start meals without their wives. But I think wives should also wait for the same reasons” he said responding to The Dependent’s queries.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.

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