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Just In! Trudeau to wear gorgeous traditional Japanese Seppuku outfit while visiting suicide forest

Our fashion/gossip correspondent – After his immensely successful tour of India, rumour has it that Canada’s Prime Hunk-inister Justin Trudeau is thinking of bringing the same energy with him when he visits Japan, by wearing a traditional Japanese seppuku outfit when he visits Japan’s infamous suicide forest.

According to whispers, the Canadian premiere already has a specially designed Kimono on its way to the Prime Minister’s residence fresh off the rack from Nina Ricci’s latest oriental collection, pre-release.

And if a possible glimpse of what will be a gorgeous Kimono was not enough to have the fashion world up in a tizzy, The Dependent has heard some exciting news about Trudeau going with a daring blood orange which we can neither confirm nor deny at the moment.

But not just the fashion world is in a cat fight, because undergrad college professors from liberal arts universities around the world are saying that Trudeau’s white, post-colonial, upbringing are making him guilty of subconscious cultural appropriation.

“I know this may seem like cultural appropriation, abstract-deitie forgive, but this won’t be a hamfisted imitation. I will at least commit suicide to preserve cultural sensitivities” the Prime Minister was heard saying.

When reached for comment, the Prime Minister’s office told The Dependent, that his choice to dress himself and his family in traditional Indian clothes had gone down very well and that he was looking forward to bring the same cultural sensitivity to other parts of the world.

“OMG, like, there is just so much culture in India. Just like, so much. And all the colours, I just, like amazing guys” the Prime Minister said in an exclusive chat with The Dependent.

“The Prime Minister is looking forward to adorning the Kimono and learning and participating in the customs of the locals, and is willing to go to any lengths to show his open-minded multiculturalist view on life.” said his spokes-human.  

“The Prime Minister really enjoyed his time in India and has since even gone so far as adding “Yogi master” and “musical meditator” to his instagram bio” he added.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.