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White Lies

The crowns don’t stop! After Sheikhupura, another crow awaits Maryam Nawaz at Sargodha.

The jokes write themselves, of course and the media has had a field day. The League and its leadership isn’t quite awami. The prime minister of hearts, who was rather taken to the whole Ameer-ul-momineen thing, now has a daughter and heir apparent that the Party Machine has already literally started treating like a queen.

Ahad Cheema’s spot of trouble has had the bureaucracy up in arms. To many of them, he represented the ideal sort of person to emulate. Efficient and…fortunate.

Responsible for the famed “Punjab Speed” he may very well be, but, personally, he is also accused of being….again, fortunate.

Learning from this, the younger bureaucrats are now going to change their tactics. Instead of being efficient and fortunate, they are going to try to be inefficient and fortunate instead.

There was expected to be a fallout of the rather bizarre and ill-though-out tweets of the organiser of a premiere literary festival and the editor of the local license of an international news magazine.

That fallout resulted in his bowing out from the festival, specially since many were threatening to boycott the festival.

Well, here is the festival, he isn’t as unattached as was expected, and everything remains business as usual. Just goes to show that everything blows over as long as you have the requisite social – and financial – capital.