Govt awaits Interpol's response regarding Haqqani's arrest: report - Pakistan Today

Govt awaits Interpol’s response regarding Haqqani’s arrest: report

ISLAMABAD: The government is awaiting response by the Interpol regarding its request about the arrest of Hussain Haqqani, who is the former ambassador of Pakistan to the United States and the principal accused in the Memogate scandal, reported a local English daily.

According to the publication, if the Interpol does not respond to the Federal Investigation Agency’s request (FIA) for Haqqani’s arrest, another request will be sent by the agency soon.

The first request was sent to Interpol after the February 15 decision of the Supreme Court (SC) to issue arrest warrants for Hussain Haqqani in the Memogate scandal, as he failed to show up in court.

Haqqani said that the SC order for his arrest was nothing but “propaganda antics”.

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