Imran had revealed ‘plan’ of SC dissolving parliament four years ago: Hashmi | Pakistan Today

Imran had revealed ‘plan’ of SC dissolving parliament four years ago: Hashmi

Former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and seasoned politician Javed Hashmi on Friday claimed that the PTI Chairman Imran Khan had revealed a ‘plan’ to him four years ago in which he predicted the dissolution of the parliament at the hands of the Supreme Court (SC).

During a press conference at Multan Press Club, Hashmi said, “Imran told me about a plan made by the ‘invisible’ forces to dissolve the parliament by sending either Nawaz Sharif or Shehbaz Sharif to jail and forming a technocratic government in the country.”

Cautioning the ‘hidden hands’ to make wise decisions, he said, “The establishment should stop supporting the PTI chief.” He further added, “The affairs of the country cannot run smoothly until the judges and the generals refuse to accept the supremacy of the constitution.”

While accusing the primary institutions of defying the constitution by taking the wrong decisions, Hashmi said that these institutions did not want to see a change in the country.

He also urged the different state institutions to understand and admit that the holding of successful elections was the best solution to steer the country out of its present crises.

Furthermore, Hashmi said that it was a shame that the country was going through such a difficult phase in its history but the PTI was celebrating each court decision against Nawaz Sharif. He also said that it was up to the masses to protect the reputation of the judiciary in such dire times.

Commenting on the Supreme Court’s verdict in Nawaz Sharif disqualification case, Hashmi said, “Our judges have been known to acquit murderers by giving them the benefit of doubt, but it was very unfortunate that the same judges disqualified an elected premier on the basis of doubts.

Hoping that the upcoming general elections would be held on time, the seasoned politician said that he would support Nawaz in his struggle to protect the democratic setup and the Constitution in Pakistan.

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