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So that’s a no then, Wajahat asks Imran

In the third installment in his series of videos addressed to the chairman of the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, Dunya News anchor Wajahat S Khan has sought a definitive confirmation about the rejection of his proposal.

“I know it’s pretty clear by right about now, what with the photos and the official confirmation by the party,” he said, in the latest video.

“But I would like to just have the final word from you on this.”

“Mr. Chairman, I’m just a guy, standing in front of a mobile camera, asking if….” he said, trailing off into silence.

“I think I wouldn’t have felt this as much as I have, had you thrown a waleema, of sorts, at, I don’t know, maybe Zuma restaurant, I think it would get me some sort of closure over this situation,” he said.

“But you’ve surrounded yourself by people who are only concerned about who gets to sit next to you at your rallies and who gets to be beside you when you are doing your pushups.”

“And you do a lot of those push-ups. Both the palms-wide sort for your pectorals and the palms-together sort for your triceps,” he said.

“Both pecs and triceps are very well developed. I’ve taken a good look at those shirtless photos of yours. I mean they don’t hold a candle to your abs, but still really good.”

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.