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‘Police to ensure ban on kite flying’

LAHORE: Operations Deputy Inspector General Dr Haider Ashraf on Sunday said the police has launched a crackdown against kite-flying to ensure strict implementation of the kite flying ban.

He said that 94 accused involved in kite flying or manufacturing kites were arrested, whereas, around 92 cases of kite-flying were registered in various police stations of the provincial metropolis.

The police also recovered more than 2,000 kites, 500 strings, 200 rolls of string and other material related to kite flying, he added.

The Operations DIG said that all superintendents of police, deputy superintendents of police and station house officers have been directed to take action against kite-flying and put in place comprehensive measures to implement the ban on kite flying and arrest those involved in the practice.

He also urged parents to stop their children from kite flying and one wheeling in order to save their lives as well as others.

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  1. Dr.M.M.Khan said:

    Havent the police got better things to do like preventing road accidents etc. More lives are lost in the latter than kite flying in a day!

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