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First look of ‘Teefa in Trouble’ revealed

Ali Zafar’s film debut in Pakistan has garnered a whole lot of hype and excitement as audiences are excited to see their favourite singer on the silver screen for the first time in a Pakistani production.

While the actor has been sharing snippets from behind the scenes on his social media every now and then, the first teaser for the film was revealed to us a couple of days ago, with the trailer to release on February 22 at the Pakistan Super League’s opening ceremony, where Zafar will be performing.

A post shared by Ali Zafar (@ali_zafar) on Feb 14, 2018 at 4:42am PST

However, it was a long wait till then and everyone couldn’t help but question, “Teefa kaun hai?

To satisfy everyone’s curiosity and tease us, the makers of the film released a short teaser of the film. The teaser set in Lahore shows Javed Sheikh walking into a disheveled apartment and questioning a man, “Yeh Teefa kaun hai?“, after which we are shown flashes of Ali Zafar, standing with his head bent.

Directed by ad filmmaker, Ahsan Rahim, Teefa In Trouble, stars Maya Ali in the female lead. The film has been written by Ali Zafar, Ahsan Rahim and Danyal Zafar.

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