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Resident confronts robbers in Karachi

KARACHI: A resident in the city’s Maqboolabad Society fought off robbers over the weekend, foiling their bid to loot him and his neighbours.

The resident, Raghib, was alerted of the attempted robbery outside the gate of his house. As captured on the CCTV cameras, two men riding a motorcycle were trying to loot a man and a woman outside a house when their attempts were thwarted by sudden firing from inside the house.

Raghib, using his licensed gun, started firing at the alleged robbers, managing to scare them away as they left behind their motorcycles and fled.

However, a resident was injured in the leg as a bullet from the fleeing suspects hit him.

According to Raghib, this was the second attempted robbery at his residence in four months. In the previous attempt, he had also successfully scared away robbery suspects.

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  1. Farhan said:

    Come on! don’t show the guys face who is trying to scare away robbers to the whole world. Let him live in peace.

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