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Congress leader says Pakistan’s dialogue policy not reciprocated by India

KARACHI: Indian Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyer on Monday appreciated Pakistan’s approach of attempting to resolve the outstanding issues with India via negotiation and dialogue, which he said is unfortunately not reciprocated by New Delhi.

“There is only one way of resolving India-Pakistan issues and that is by uninterrupted and un-interruptible dialogue,” Aiyer said at Karachi Literature Festival.

The Indian politician stated that he is “proud” of Pakistan for pursuing the policy of dialogue, however, regretted that it is not reflected back by India.

“And I am very proud and half very sad that this sentence of these three words has been accepted as Pakistan policy, but has not been accepted as Indian policy.”

Aiyer further emphasised that Kashmir and terrorism are the two main contentions between the neighbouring countries which should immediately be addressed.

He stressed the need for both India and Pakistan to adopt a framework that was formulated by the former president Pervez Musharraf’s government.

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  1. Tushar said:

    Mani Shankar Aiyar – You’re a traitor. Beside the fact, this will help BJP immensely. And don’t come back to India. You’re a terrorist.

    • Rakesh said:

      cool ..diplomacy need people of all type..back channel and window must be there..these are the window when need arises..all great power do have such window ..this is toughest job ..u will bear heat..

    • Free Indian occupied kashmir said:

      You are an idiot for believing that India will keep Kashmir

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  4. Raj said:

    This Mani Shankar Iyer hates Modi equally like Pakistan hates Modi. No wonder. Mani shanker iyer has been removed from the Congress for all his useless remarks. So, do not call him as congress man. Also, Mani shanker iyer always clamour for limelight. So, nothing new.

    • Rakesh said:

      dont think i support INC ..but system is this :ool ..diplomacy need people of all type..back channel and window must be there..these are the window when need arises..all great power do have such window ..this is toughest job ..u will bear heat..:

  5. Boshu said:

    The question is how does it help? He is now kicked out by has Congress party also as he has become great liability even for congress. His opinions and wishes do not matter any more in India after he insulted lower castes recently. Other than Indian Muslims no group supports him any more. In fact his words can have detrimental effect on the peace process. He is very polarising figure.

    • Tushar said:

      His idiotic ostrich face is associated with INC. In Indian politics it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the party or not. Its the past association which builds up the reputation. That’s how it matters. INC just like him is anti India party

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