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White Lies

For other parties, it is rather clear who will become the prime minister if they are elected into power. Not so much for the League.

Sure, Shehbaz Sharif might have been tapped to become the next prime minister but the prime minister of hearts has been giving mixed signals of late. Emboldened by the recent spate of successful rallies, one in the heart of the PTI’s Peshawar, Sharif is heard talking about plans of amending the constitution (if the numbers permit) if the courts don’t oblige and become the premiere for the fourth time. Meanwhile, heir-apparent Maryam Nawaz is also giving prime ministerial looks of late.

Then, there is the current prime minister, who has launched a #metoo of his own, by saying that the party will decide who the prime minister is going to be after the elections.


Talk of Imran Khan’s wedding seems to have cooled off in the aftermath of the negative fallout amongst the party’s circles. For the party’s urban elite followers, the whole peer business is a bit archaic. And for the party’s followers within Interior I Sindh and Punjab, the ideas of marrying ones peer is most distasteful, to say the least.

Talk within the party circles: if he does marry his peerni, the slot of his spiritual leader would be open. Whoever would the next one be?