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Palestinians to ask Russia’s Putin to step into peace process

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas aide said Sunday that Palestinians will ask Russian President Vladimir Putin to step into a multilateral mechanism to overlook the peace process.
Abbas’ diplomatic advisor Majdi Khalidi told official Palestinian radio station Voice of Palestine that the president will meet with Putin tomorrow in Sochi.
“The Palestinian side insists of forming a multilateral approach to overlook the peace process with the Israeli side” in an attempt to disregard the United States from its former role in the peace process, he said.
“Russia and Putin will have an important role in this matter, including launching an international peace conference and several important issues that require consultation with all relevant parties until we achieve the interest of the Palestinian people,” said Khalidi.
He explained that Palestinians will continue to consult with Russia over any coming initiative.
A senior Russian delegation met with Palestinian officials in West Bank city of Ramallah after U.S. President Donald Trump’s move on Jerusalem last December.
Since Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on Dec 6, 2017, Palestinians have declared that the United States is disqualified from mediating the peace process and demanded an international multilateral approach to sponsor the peace talks with Israel.

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