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Still firm on demand for Sanaullah’s resignation: Sialvi

SARGODHA: Spiritual leader Pir Hameeduddin Sialvi on Saturday once again denied to accept the explanation given by Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah over the latter’s statement about the Ahmadi community and said that he stands by his demand of the minister’s resignation.

Sialvi, who is the custodian of Sial Sharif shrine of Sargodha, had been heading a campaign while demanding the resignation and apology from Sanaullah regarding his remarks during a TV show.

The spiritual leader on Monday had said that he was satisfied over the clarification by the law minister over the matter of Ahmadis.

Sialvi also took a jibe at Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif and said he was threatened by Sanaullah that if he was made to resign, he would spill the beans on the Model Town incident.

Sialvi also said that he did not call Shehbaz to meet him but the chief minister called on him by himself.

The spiritual leader also claimed that he had been getting threatening calls and text messages from unknown people.

Commenting on the resignation of Nizam as MPA, the spiritual leader said that he had advised the former lawmaker against it.

Nizamuddin on Thursday announced quitting politics days after he claimed that Sialvi’s supporters were provoked to stage a sit-in and offered resources for this purpose.

Nizamuddin, in his statement, said that from now onwards Hameeduddin Sialvi will himself decide about the politics of Sial Sharif.

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