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MQM-P rifts widen as Sattar digs his heels in

  • PSP’s Raza Haroon says Farooq Sattar a ’12th player’ in his own party
  • Sattar has suspended party leaders who took part in the “illegal” meeting

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) leader Faisal Subzwari on Wednesday afternoon announced that a three-member delegation had been sent to Farooq Sattar to talk matters out.

Talking to the media, the MQM-P leader said, “We have sent a three-member delegation including Sardar Ahmad, Rauf Siddiqui, and Javed Hanif to discuss matters with Farooq Sattar.”

He said that the Rabita Committee had given the mandate over the matter to the delegation.

“In the past, Rabita Committee only made suggestions, and decisions were made in London but now all decisions are made in Pakistan.”

Earlier, Senior Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) leaders Farooq Sattar and Amir Khan called separate meetings on Tuesday.

A general workers’ meeting has been called by Sattar at the KMC ground to decide the party strategy, adding that he inform people about the adversities that he had been facing while making decisions for the past 15 months.

Sattar had earlier said that all the party leaders have been suspended who were involved in the “illegal” meeting where the decision, to suspend Kamran Tessori from the party’s central decision-making body and suspend membership for six months, was taken.

A separate Raabita Committee has been called by the MQM-P leader Amir Khan at the Bahadurabad party office.


Earlier, Pak Sarzameen Party Secretary-General Raza Haroon said on Tuesday that the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan leader Dr Farooq Sattar is the 12th player in his own party.

Addressing media outside the office of Election Commission of Pakistan, he called the character of Farooq Sattar-led MQM, ‘suspicious’, adding that the MQM-Pakistan leaders are going to attack each other houses before the general elections.

Haroon said that his party’s door is open for the disgruntled MQM-Pakistan leaders.

“MQM’s alternative has come in Karachi. Current leaders of the MQM are not eligible for the leadership,” taking a jibe at the MQM-P leader, Haroon called Sattar’s press conference, ‘like the previous Land Cruise press conference’.

Haroon said that the MQM failed to deliver performance for its voters and now is engaged in infighting on Senate tickets.

“Had they fought on Karachi issues it would have been better,” he added. “Sindh is in crisis, residents of the metropolis are forced to drink poisonous water but the party is in a brawl for Senate tickets.”

The PSP leader claimed that the MQM-Pakistan is under pressure as the PSP has announced to contest the Senate elections.


On Monday, party chief Dr Farooq Sattar walked out of a party meeting in Bahadurabad after the party leadership indulged in a heated argument over the names decided for the Senate elections.

The meeting, however, was resumed with Senior Deputy Convener Amir Khan in the chair after Dr Sattar left the venue. The apparent reason behind Dr Sattar’s boycott of the proceedings of the meeting was the issue of Senate ticket to Kamran Tessori.

According to initial reports, Amir Khan wanted Faisal Sabzwari to get the ticket for Senate elections, whereas Dr Sattar reportedly wanted Kamran Tessori to get the ticket despite the “Rabita Committee’s objections to it”.

Talking to a local media outlet following the incident, Dr Sattar accused Amir Khan of trying to take over the party [by going against him several times].

It may be mentioned here that in November Amir Khan had rejected the rumours of him having any intentions of taking over the party.  Furthermore, according to details of the meeting led by Amir Khan, the party leadership at Bahadurabad wants Dr Sattar to stay; however, they want Kamran Tessori to leave the MQM-P.

MQM-P leader Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui announced in a press conference that Kamran Tessori has been dismissed from the party’s Rabita Committee and his membership had been suspended for six months.

In a new development taking place on Tuesday evening, Farooq Sattar could not be appeased by the delegation sent to pacify him as he refused to visit the party’s office in Bahadurabad and held on to his stance to give Senate tickets to those candidates whose names were finalised by him. Earlier in the day, Subzwari had announced that a three-member delegation was sent to talk out the differences with Sattar.

On the other hand, Sattar also suspended party leaders who took part in the “illegal” meeting where it was decided to suspend Kamran Tessori from the party’s central decision-making body. Tessori’s party membership was also revoked for six months. Sattar also cancelled all decisions made by the suspended leaders and pledged to hold the party workers meeting scheduled to be held Tuesday evening.

Meanwhile, Khan’s Rabita Committee meeting, to be chaired by Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, would be held per schedule at the party’s Bahadurabad office.

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  1. Sarfaraz Ahmed said:

    Another of a national political ( ethnic) party is facing liquidation. From Mutahdda to MQM (P) and MQM ( London) and now can expect more division. They are likely to meet their logical end. Other political parties like MQM Haqiqi, PSP and PPP may avail the advantage of their infight. Heavy mandate is no more a criteria to gauge popularity of a political party, even if ‘Horse-trading’ is at at it’s peak as seen in Baluchistan and now in Punjab. They ALL may eat dust at the end and next election.

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