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Kashmiris have sacrificed a lot for plebiscite: Qadri

  • PAT chief says Nawaz Sharif put Kashmir issue in cold storage

Pakistan Awami Tehreek Chairman Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri has said that Kashmiris have sacrificed a lot for plebiscite which is their lawful and globally recognised right; international community must pay respect to their sacrifices and Kashmir issue must be solved in the light of UN resolutions.

In his message on Kashmir Solidarity Day, he said Kashmir must be demilitarised, the civil right of Kashmiris must be respected and international human rights bodies be allowed to visit the occupied valley. He said United Nation and international community especially America and UK should play their role in solving Kashmir issue.

He said the third generation of Kashmiris was struggling peacefully and their only demand was plebiscite; world community must take their peacefulness as an opportunity and pay them back what they rightfully deserved.

He said in their struggle Kashmiris have laid down over one lakh lives, over two lakh has been maimed. ‘These sacrifices are proof that Kashmiris do not accept the domination of India at any cost. He said now Kashmiri youth is struggling for a plebiscite and their struggle will be fruitful as none can deter commitment’.

He said Nawaz government has remained opportunistic about Kashmir issue, removed Kashmir issue from diplomatic conferences, even news bulletin and reduced her role to statements on few specific occasions; its pity that parliament never questioned Nawaz govt for putting Kashmir issue in cold storage.

He said Nawaz Sharif who remained silent on Kulbushan matter despite its grave nature; so we cannot expect in future he would play any serious role on Kashmir issue.

‘Since all Kashmiris are on the same page for their right of a plebiscite, if global powers are serious about peace in the region, then they must play a role for the implementation of UN resolutions about Kashmir; this is the only way to ensure durable peace in the region’.

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