Iranian minister blames ‘third power’ of sabotaging Pak-Iran relations   | Pakistan Today

Iranian minister blames ‘third power’ of sabotaging Pak-Iran relations  

Iranian Minister Syed Abdul Hameed Ahmedi on Sunday said that “a hostile enemy is spreading hatred to disrupt the relations” between Iran and Pakistan.

Speaking to a local media outlet, the minister stated that Iranians view their Pakistani brethren with the utmost affection and respect. Despite work of a third power to disrupt the brotherly relations, the countries have pledged not to let the nefarious designs of the enemy succeed, he added.

The minister asserted that Iran wanted to expand its cooperation with its neighbour, especially in the trade and sports sector, adding that Pakistan and Iran enjoy close bilateral relations.

The minister also said that a special delegation from his country would be visiting Pakistan soon in relation to training, coaching, and improving technical knowledge of Pakistani athletes.

He underscored that Pakistan is an important regional power in South Asia, and both Iran and Pakistan will work together to make their mark in the world.

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