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A united front

  • Bilawal’s good show

With an ongoing onslaught against the country, it is quite necessary that a united picture is painted before world leaders. The civilian as well as the military leadership are required to display unity while addressing any issue before the world at large. It is quite evident by the statements being issued by our western friends that Pakistan is next on the hit list. Bilawal Bhutto seems to be the only leader capable of painting a united front at the moment.

In his maiden interview to Indian media, Bilawal displayed immense level of maturity coupled with clarity about his personal foreign policy. Setting the tone of the interview the young leader made it quite evident that he was not going to speak against his own army. It is quite surprising indeed to witness the youngest leader with the least experience displaying a sense of responsibility and tackling foreign media in an eloquent manner which unfortunately is rarely seen in our experienced leaders.

Reservations against his father aside, Bilawal gives the younger generation hopes of a good representation of our country in the future. Many of us continue to mock his personality and Urdu oratory skills however it would be a shame to not acknowledge his grip when it comes to the depiction of a united front. Refuting all allegations against the country he very politely even pointed out the atrocities being committed by India in occupied Kashmir and didn’t shy away from diplomatically criticising Modi and his policies. He even went on to outline Modi’s hypocritical attitude towards Pakistan.

Such command and conceptual clarity is highly commendable and should not be overshadowed by Zardari’s presence. Pakistan indeed is going through challenging times and desperately requires a united leadership.

Most unfortunately, Kabul was once again the target of these notorious terrorists over the weekend. Had the west been so successful in their decade long escapades in the Afghan territory, such attacks would not have been possible

The Trump tweet, Indian propaganda as well as anti-Pakistan posters surfacing in world capitals, Pakistan currently is under attack amidst a greater conspiracy targeted to destabilise and, eventually, split the country. The shifted paradigm of US foreign policy kicking off with the New Year tweet, by the most loved president in US history, is a step towards the parting of ways.

There seems to be a misapprehension by the west in regards to their feeble threats to Pakistan. It is popularly believed that by choking in western aid, the Pakistanis can be made to bow in whichever directions the masters need them to. This satirical belief is coupled with the adolescent comments passed by Trump. “No More” was quite popular as it trended on the social media however the west misses out on certain key aspects of the whole picture which are equally important.

To begin with, these so called $33 billion are not part of an aid program but are included in the Coalition Support Fund which compensates Pakistan for the expenses and losses incurred. Pakistan on an average incurs losses much greater than the quoted figure. Blood spilt by the gallant soldiers of the armed forces of Pakistan cannot be measured in millions or billions. The worth of every drop of Pakistani blood is greater than any compensation which is humanly possible. A fact which wasn’t missed out by Bilawal when he answered the Indian journalist’s questions.

It is further widely believed that Pakistan can be made to adhere to the west’s wishes and commands as Iraq or other similar nations were in the past. This very inference is preposterous if thought over with a reasonable and sound mind. Pakistan is no Iraq which can be invaded upon wish. It is a nuclear armed sovereign capable of defending its integrity and independence, if challenged.

Bombing us back to the Stone Age is wishful thinking which needs to be done away with. If we were to draw a comparison chart in the war on terror, Pakistan has been successful against the menace of terrorism whereas the superpower America has miserably failed in Afghanistan. As much as they might wish for it, Pakistan cannot be taken over at the beck and call of any world power.

Most unfortunately, Kabul was once again the target of these notorious terrorists over the weekend. Had the west been so successful in their decade long escapades in the Afghan territory, such attacks would not have been possible. In spite of their own failures, the Americans very conveniently blame Pakistan for harbouring terrorists. In display of such audacity they seem to forget who armed and funded the Mujahideen to begin with. The pictures clicked in the Oval office when it was occupied by Ronald Reagan cannot be deleted and forgotten.

Amidst the western tirade, it is necessary that our leadership resolves its internal differences and keeps a united front against this verbal aggression. Pretty soon this aggression might turn physical and only then will we realise the value of unity. Though any such move will be a mistake on part of the west and common sense would advise them against it.

Without prejudice to the above, the menace of terrorism doesn’t not trace its roots to any one piece of land. In fact it traces its validity in the extremist mindset present all around the globe. Instead of lashing out at Pakistan, the Americans need to focus on their failures within Afghanistan and work towards putting an end to the Ambulance attack in Kabul like incidents.

Another fact which Bilawal promptly pointed out when asked about terrorism. In the times to come it seems that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari maybe the desired leader, capable enough to keep aside his personal views and tackle world powers as and when required. At least he didn’t have to pull up paper chits from his pocket in order to enable himself to respond.

If polished correctly, he appears to have the nerve necessary for a national leader representing a country at the international level.

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