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White Lies

Bags and soaps.

These are the topics of choice for the begumaat of Pakistan these days. The first, because, jaani, a Birkin is always going to be a conversation piece. And the second, because since the advent of Netflix, television soap operas (yes, those soaps) are quite the rage these days.
Which one is the favourite? Amongst others, the remake of the classic Dynasty. Why? Because a voyeuristic look into the lifestyle of the rich and famous never goes out of style.


His pigdin Urdu notwithstanding, Bilawal Bhutto is emanating some very impressive vibes.

He cut quite a figure at the World Economic Forum over at Davos. At a star-studded panel on fake news, he could have easily been overshadowed, what with sharing the stage with the editor of the New Yorker and the founder of Wikipedia. But he managed to impress.

Then, in a troll-ish interview by an Indian channel, he not only handled himself with aplomb, he also made the interviewer run around for his money.

His party, however, specially in the Punjab and KP, is not as well put together as he is.

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