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White Lies

So many people live below the poverty line in the country that even the relatively muted extravagance of the middle class would also seem vulgar.

But it is truly the elite – and within those, the nouveau riche – who really score high on the opulence-ometer . Consider the wife of a fabulously filthy magnate, who sports on one of her fingers a 22 carat rock, whose worth is estimated to be a staggering, mindboggling,
did-I-hear-this-right, gargantuan ten crores (a total of eight zeros) rupees.

But perhaps nothing takes cake (literally) on this front as did another nouveau riche family. To celebrate the baby shower of their son’s expected kid, they had bespoke cakes baked in the shape of diapers. The diaper-cake had some expensive chocolate on it, whose brand the guests were asked to guess. They didn’t think the colour coding of that one through, did they?

The nation’s bhabi-in-waiting, our lady Melissandre, is said to be in Dubai, visiting her sister. Imran Khan is also rumoured to be in the Emirate city.

Well, you know what they say….love is in the air, when both pir and mureed
are in the same city.
Oh no, wait, no one says that.