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Karachi-based Afghanistan consul general killed in Kabul hotel attack

PESHAWAR: Karachi-based Afghanistan Consul General Dr Abdullah Waheed Poyan was among five people killed in the latest terrorist attack at Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul.

Afghan Special Forces ended an overnight siege at Kabul’s Intercontinental Hotel on Sunday, killing the last gunman from a group of three attackers who stormed the hotel, taking hostages and battling security forces for hours.

Two gunmen were killed on Saturday night. It was initially reported that four gunmen had attacked the hotel.

Afghanistan Interior Ministry Spokesman Najib Danish said at least five other people had been killed and six wounded, a lower casualty total than earlier feared, while 153 people, including 41 foreigners had been evacuated.

Afghanistan’s diplomats in Islamabad Sunday confirmed the death of Dr Abdullah Waheed Poyan in the attack.

Dr Poyan had served as Afghanistan’s consul general in Peshawar for around two years and was transferred in the same capacity to Karachi in November 2017. He was in Kabul in connection with the disposal of some diplomatic assignments and official works.

Waheed Poyan was a well-known academician and political analyst. He had joined the diplomatic squad of Afghanistan in early 2015 on the request of Afghanistan President Dr Ashraf Ghani. During the Afghan war and internal hostilities, he along with his family moved to the United States.

Later, he returned to Afghanistan and served on a number of academic positions in Kabul University and Education Ministry. His family members are still residing in the United States.

Dr Abdullah Waheed Poyan was replaced by Dr Muhammad Moeen Marastyal as consul general in Peshawar. During his over two years as consul general in Peshawar, Dr Abdullah Waheed Poyan befriended many academicians, socio-politico workers and journalists.

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    He is not killed, he has taken be Paki Intelligence to interrogate him. He was the most affective deplomate for Afghanistan. His mission was to negotiate with Taliban leader and pashtoon tribal leaders. He was there to reveal pak real terorriest face to world and convince Taliban to stop killing innocent Afghans for the interest of Pakistan

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