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China says to help build Afghan military capacity

  • CSRS chief calls China as kind, honest neighbour of Afghanistan

KABUL: China’s senior diplomat in Kabul said on Saturday that a trilateral contact recently established between Afghanistan, China and Pakistan would be helpful in fighting against terrorism and ensuring peace in the region.

China Embassy’s Charge d’Affairs Zhang Zhixin said this while addressing a seminar on the bilateral relations between Beijing and Kabul, organised by the Centre for Strategic and Regional Studies (CSRS) here in the Afghan capital.

Addressing the meeting, CSRS head Abdul Baqi Amin termed China as a kind and honest neighbour of Afghanistan and said that Afghanistan needed China’s help in developing its industry, agriculture and economy.

He claimed that China also needed Afghanistan. Calling China’s role as important in the Afghan-led peace talks, he said that China can play an important role to create understandings between Russia and the US as well as between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Reassuring his country’s continued support for Afghanistan, Zhang Zhixin said that China was trying to convert Afghanistan into an economic and political centre. “We have decided to support Afghanistan in the military area and work for military’s capacity building so that we would be able to ensure peace in our own country and in the region,” he said.

“China and Afghanistan are against terrorism and we have made efforts in this area and we thank Afghanistan for its support in eliminating Eastern Turkistan terrorists,” he said. Recently, a trilateral contact was established between China, Pakistan and Afghanistan that would be helpful against terrorism and ensuring peace in the region.

He said that his country always supported advancement in the Afghan peace process and development, business and stability in Afghanistan. Abdul Karim Khuram, former president’s chief of staff, said that China could help Afghanistan in areas of agriculture, economy, business development and peace and stability.