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The victim’s dilemma

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Condolences, condemnations, awe-struck expressions, teary eyes and emotionally charged statuses are a common sight, nowadays, in Pakistan in the wake of any tragedy. Within minutes almost all power circles take notice and summon reports, effectively creating confusion over the power structure of our country. Popular uproar in light of the despotic incident of Kasur would have been worthy of praise had it been of use.

The, still unknown, beast savaged the innocence of Zainab and horrifically ended her misery under the severe influence of his pedophilic lust. The demonic monster, moreover, dumped the little angel’s body in a garbage heap and managed to flee unseen. His vicious claws not only mutilated the poor kid physically but lacerated the soul of every living being with a beating heart. Every parent in Pakistan as well as around the world experienced the unimaginable feeling of horror and despair. How could a living being be so cruel and remorseless? Does he not fear the almighty? Perhaps not! The DNA results revealed it to be a repeated occurrence at the hands of the same barbarian.

As tragic as the brutal rape and murder of Zainab is, it is pitiful to state that this is not the first tragedy of its kind. Quite recently the child abuse scandal in Kasur surfaced. Incidents of rape and murder have become a common affair in Pakistan. The miserable gnaws of lustful monsters has crept up in our country from our neighbour. Our eastern neighbour was famous for such news stories and headlines. Regretfully enough we have joined their ranks.

As tragic as the brutal rape and murder of Zainab is, it is pitiful to state that this is not the first tragedy of its kind. Quite recently the child abuse scandal in Kasur surfaced

In spite of such savagery, the Pakistani community always attempts to raise a voice. Only for a short period but the society does come out to demand an end to such incidents.

It is not the first time in Pakistan that the public is on the streets demanding justice. Following every deplorable incident, be it the APS attack, Shahzeb Khan’s murder or the rape of a little angel named Zainab, the nation rises. It rises to ensure the dispensation of justice. Celebrities, politicians, civil rights activists and the common man all were seen out there crying out for the sake of our little angel, Zainab.

Not even once do I question the intent and honesty of all those weeping out for Zainab. Nor do I disagree with any of their demands. What I do disagree with is the mode and method of them executing their honest agendas. Candle light vigils, twitter statuses and the most recent Facebook livestreaming isn’t what’s going to ensure justice for Zainab. We cry out loud in the name of humanity and yet we make lamentable choices when we vote looters and plunderers to power. The only weapon that we as common citizens hold is to choose for ourselves leaders who would actually ensure effective justice. Whilst making these choices we forget to realise that these individuals who will be seated in the halls of power are the ones responsible for taking constitutionally mandated measures to prevent such deplorable incidents from reoccurring.

The young MNA from KPK made a highly emotional and heart-rending speech. His words pierced the hearts of all of us like daggers as he painfully narrated the ordeal of Zainab and raised his voice for her. It is a source of pride to see him and other political leaders calling out for the public hanging of the sadistic assailant who stole from this world an innocent and angelic child. Public hanging is what he deserves and nothing less. However it is essential to understand how exactly we can achieve that. Simply by raising a call for his public execution is not going to produce it. Though it can be made possible through proper legislation. If Ali Muhammad Khan along with his teary-eyed speech was to introduce a bill in the parliament calling for public hanging to be made mandatory in cases of child abuse, rape and murder, then only would I call the measures taken to be full hearted and efficacious.

If God willing the rapist/murderer is to be caught in the coming days, there is every likelihood that he will one day walk free. It will be a gift to him from our, so very effective, criminal justice system. The CJP along with other members of the superior judiciary are hell bent upon insuring saaf paani and meyari doodh for the public yet they still have been unable to work on the criminal justice system of our country. As Martin Luther King once said; Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. The same is the plight of our country where the criminals at the end of the long tunnel walk free due to one reason or the other.

Till such time as the leaders visit the victims in the wee hours of night avoiding public backlash and merely set out deadlines for the arrest of the culprits and receive applause when the culprit is actually caught, this country cannot move on. More Zainabs will be born and buried unless we take lasting measures and force our leaders to legislate and implement stricter laws. In catching a rapist the government or the law-enforcement agencies are not doing something out of the ordinary, it is what they get paid for. Applauding them for doing their duties is the reason they don’t perform under ordinary circumstances. Unless and until there isn’t hype regarding any situation the common man is not even able to lodge a FIR in the police stations of our country.

The victim’s dilemma following an untoward incident affects every one of us one way or the other. Needless to say that we need to comprehend what Martin Luther prophesised:

“We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

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