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Ulema board to be constituted, will monitor hate material

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony proposed on Saturday to establish an ‘Ulema Board’ to monitor hate literature and speeches.

Talking to media, a religious ministry official said that the establishment of the Ulema Board was under process and it would be completed soon after a mutual consensus of Ulema-e-Kiram ( Religious Scholars) of different schools of thought and ministry officials.

Besides Ulema Board, he informed that the ministry had –already constituted a broad-based National Ulema and Mashaikh Council for promoting harmony among various segments of the society. The council has been assigned to promote religious harmony and remove hate literature from the curriculum.

The ministry has also finalized a plan to establish Ulema and Mashaikh Councils at provincial and district levels to avert threats to inter-communal and inter-sectarian harmony and national solidarity.

The councils will be tasked to promote unity, solidarity and harmony in the society, and would be mandated to review existing recommendations to contain fanatical attitudes, prejudices and suggest ways and means for its effective implementation.

The councils would suggest a code of ethics for the ulema , scholars and leaders of politico-religious parties, as well as the press.

The district and tehsil level councils will have the mandate to collectively address all the issues. Scholars of all schools of thought will be given representation in these councils.