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Two children critically injured in South Waziristan blast

ISLAMABAD/WANA: The deaths and injuries caused by the blasts of an improvised explosive device (IED) have continued in the war-ravaged South Waziristan Agency (SWA), as two more children sustained severe injuries in an IED blast in the area.

The unfortunate incident occurred in an area of Barwand Mawly Khan Sarai, (Reshawra), SWA, in which a girl and a boy were injured critically. They were shifted to a civil hospital in Dera Ismail Khan.

According to sources, a teenage girl found a toy-like IED and started playing with it and a boy also joined her. Afterwards, it exploded with a big bang, and as a result, the girl lost her hand, besides receiving severe facial injuries. She is stated to be in critical condition in the hospital.

Meanwhile, the boy also got injuries, especially on his face, but his condition is stated to be out of danger.

The locals have repeatedly expressed great concern over the rising IED blast incidents in the terror-stricken area, but no steps have been initiated to cleanse the areas of the time bombs, which are taking lives almost on daily basis.

The IED blasts are not only a constant source of trouble for the civilians, but for the security personnel as well; hence there is an urgent need to cleanse the areas of these abominable devices.

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