Ready to leave office if orders are received: AD Khawaja

KARACHI: Sindh Inspector General (IG) AD Khawaja said on Saturday that he is ready to relinquish his office if any such orders are received. He was talking to the media outside the Supreme Court (SC) Karachi Registry.

He said the apex court had ordered that traffic rules to be implemented during the VIP movements. The court has also ordered for removing permanent hurdles from the roads, he informed while adding that our endeavours will be focused on reducing the difficulties faced by the citizens.

About the appointment of the new Inspector General in Sindh, he said he is only a government employee and is ready to leave his post if orders are issued to him.

Sindh government has made 3 attempts to remove AD Khawaja and remained unsuccessful. But now the federation has accorded approval for appointment of Abdul Majid Dasti as new IG in place of AD Khawaja.

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