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Air University unveils energy efficient car

ISLAMABAD: Air University students have successfully unveiled an energy-efficient vehicle called “Markhor”, on the occasion of car and bike show held at Giga Mall.

Markhor is a project by team Mech The Tech (MTT) which consists of final year students of Mechatronics Department of Air University, Islamabad.

The team lead Muzamil Imran, while talking to the media, informed that the aim of Markhor project is to design and fabricate prototype energy efficient electric car, a press release said. “Our main focus was to make an electric prototype vehicle,” he said, adding that there are no poisonous emissions hence no harm to the atmosphere, which makes this prototype an environment-friendly vehicle.

According to MTT team, the prototype model was made after iterative calculations and design revisions. “Solid modelling and analysis were performed to validate the design before fabrication,” the team lead told.

He further said that estimated target mileage for the Markhor car is 550km/kWh whereas the last year winner in this category achieved 496 km/kWh.

The Air University students hoped that their prototype will compete with other international teams in the Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2018 to be held in Singapore from March 8-11 this year. Shell Eco-marathon challenges student teams around the world to design, build, test and drive ultra-energy-efficient vehicles.

The electric car, prepared by the students of Air University, attracted a large number of visitors throughout the show.

Faculty advisor Umer Farooq and other team members including Abdul Ghani Zahid, Saad Sheikh, Hammad Ahmed, Ahsan Islam, Bassim Faridy, Yahya Abrar Khan, Aden Salim and Syed Usama Sabir were also present.

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