Ministry of Oversees Pakistanis asked to plan reintegration of returning expatriates

ISLAMABAD: Federal Ombudsman, Tahir Shahbaz,  on Friday asked Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and allied departments to prepare an action plan for the reintegration of returning Pakistani migrants and submit it to the government for approval and implementation.

Overseas Pakistanis Senior Advisor and Grievance Commissioner, Hafiz Ahsaan Ahmad Khokhar, said federal ombudsman had issued guidelines to allied departments including Human Resource Development, Overseas Pakistanis Foundation and the Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment to start working on the action plan.

He said the ombudsman had stressed maintaining the regular collection and updating of the data of returning expatriates, such as their occupation.

According to Ahsaan Ahmad, thousands of overseas Pakistanis have returned home, especially from the Middle-East and Saudi Arabia, and there was a dire need that the concerned federal government ministries and related agencies urgently prepare a policy and an effective action plan for their reintegration.

He also said that appropriate guidance and replies to all the queries of returning Pakistani workers related to their re-integration in Pakistan be ensured along with the provision of guidance on investment and business opportunities for them in Pakistan.

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