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Sindh wants legislation for Chinese visiting province: law minister

KARACHI: The Sindh government has decided to reach to the federal government asking it to carry out a legislation regarding the formation of a database for all Chinese citizens who visit the province.

“Laws need to be put in place for the registration of Chinese citizens that come to Pakistan via land and sea routes,” said Sindh minister for law Zia-ul-Hasan Lanjar on Friday.

The minister further said that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was an essential project and the Chinese citizens who visit Pakistan under this project were registered, adding that “however, the Sindh government does not have access to this data”.

“Those Chinese citizens that are not registered with the federal government should have to obtain a no-objection certificate from the provincial home department,” said Lanjar.

He said that the federal government only maintains data of the Chinese citizens that visit the country by air, but the data for the citizens who come to Pakistan by land is not available. The law minister also said that it should be made mandatory for all Chinese citizens to register themselves with local police if they desire to rent property or engage in business activities.

Chinese men taken into custody on suspicion of ATM skimming fraud:

The statements by the law minister came after two Chinese men were arrested by the Karachi police following suspicions of ATM fraud.

According to the police, ATM skimming machines and other equipment was recovered from the possession of the suspects who were allegedly stealing data of bank customers.

Saddar superintendent of police Tauqeer Naeem has said that the suspects who were taken into custody from the Zainab Market area of the city have been handed over to the Federal Investigation Agency.

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