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White Lies

Third time’s a charm

Imran Khan will neither confirm nor deny what his party members have been spiritedly denying. Rumours have it that the man has gotten hitched. The lady in question is as ambivalent as Imran Khan on the issue. But we have it on good authority that she has gotten divorced from her civil; servant husband.

It took many by surprise; the lady, who is also his spiritual soothsayer, was never said to be in the running in the past.

It will be a strange union, though. From spiritual teacher to wife. Khan’s last marriage didn’t work because husband and wife were both in love with the same man. One wonders what the dynamic is going to be here.

The who’s who were present at a recent wedding of the son of a justice of the apex court. It was a large enough attendance. While driving in to the place, guests were informed that one of the gates was not to be used by them. That was reserved for brother judges. Only justices of the supreme and high courts!

Perhaps on of the guests should have filed a writ petition at this discrimination.